Greece has got something like 1,400 islands.
There is so much of Greece you can’t know even if you’re Greek. It’s sprinkled out all around
the edge of the Aegean, all over the place. It’s already a secret place wherever you go, even if it’s somewhere huge like Athens or Corinth. The place enchanted me.

– Joanna Lumley


Take a walk to Eleonas mountain valley (its name meaning “olive
grove”) and see the ancient olive tree. Visit the Ancient Temple of
Aphaia the local goddess of fertility and agriculture. Wander through the narrow picturesque streets, take a ride on the horse-drawn carriages and enjoy the pretty shops in the harbour area of Aegina Town.

Aegina is particularly well known for its ceramics and two of Greece's most distinguished contemporary ceramicists, Theodora Xorafa and Margarita Eglisiarchou have their studios on the island.

"An ancient naval power"


Dine at a traditional Greek taverns which overlook the sea and use local flavors like the island's famous pistachios.

For fish by the sea a sure bet is "Aeginitissa" tavern in the area of the same name or "Skotadis" tavern in the port.

Enjoy the lively nightlife, with hip bars on the coastal road which overlook the port and retro bars in the narrow streets, or experience the traditional Greek folk shows.

Stay in POROS for the night...

“A small paradise covered with brilliant green pine trees a step away from Athens”

The picturesque town is filled with narrow streets where one can admire the traditional architecture of the area.

An iconic feature of this town is the clock built in 1927 which can be seen from all parts of the island. The capital consists of fine neoclassical and Venetian buildings and picturesque cobbled streets.

One can take the opportunity to walk around the lemon forest, a hill with more than 30,000 lemon and orange trees.

Water-ski fans must not miss Drepani Ski Resort with superb facilities in the lagoon – a paradise for slalom skiers and for those looking to be taught by European champions. The teachers can also pick up athletes from wherever the yacht is anchored for a ski lesson.

Cruise to HYDRA

"Silent beauty"

Follow old footpaths around the island to old monasteries, secluded pebbled beaches with crystal clear water and hilltops with breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets

Enjoy the small, chic shops and art galleries around the island’s harbour which was the original setting of the film Boy and the Dolphin with Sophia Loren.

The no-car policy means cars are replaced by water taxis and mules. Stroll along the streets lined with imposing mansions showing off the island’s eminent naval past and take in the scents of wild herbs and jasmine, mingled with the scent of the sea.

Regular Hydra holidaymaker and gallerist Sadie Coles says, and we tend to agree, “Feast on zucchini balls, black-eyed beans and fried shrimp" at "Ostria", run by the dynamic hostess Tassula and her chef-fisherman husband, Stathis. "Marina" Taverna has superb fish and the best view in Hydra, over the island of Dokos. For creative food overlooking the Peloponnese, stop by at "Omilos", a restaurant and bar with a dance floor that becomes packed with locals after midnight.”

Treat yourself with this nutty, bite-sized treat. Amygdalota are a traditional treat in the so-called Argosaronic islands where Hydra belongs, and they taste like heaven sprinkled with caster sugar!

Best things to do in Hydra is hiking to Profítis Ilías Monastery, horse-riding along the coast and relaxing on the beach


Visit strikingly beautiful beaches offering a choice of naturalist beaches as well as organized beaches.

Don't miss the thermal springs which extend into the sea offering healing properties.

Explore the picturesque village with white washed houses, scenic churches, narrow paved alleys and beautiful little squares.

Do not miss a lovely tavern, "Arias", at St. Irini, tucked away on a small and wind free cove, amongst ten tiny houses for the most delicious lobster pasta. And if you go for a stroll to the island’s Chora pop into "Tratamento" to try traditional sweets with a twist – like galaktoboureko (Greek custard pie made from semolina) with saffron.


Mountainous landscape, with
white washed traditional
houses and narrow alleys
throughout the main town.

Naked hills, fertile valleys,
coves and endless beaches
make up the natural majesty
of the island.

Don't miss local delicacies such
as ‘’chick pea soup’’, ‘’louza’’
(pork cold cuts) and ‘’fennel pancake’’.

“Authentic, Wild, Beautiful”


Halfway up the hill between Livadi and Hora, signposted on the right, "Aloni" offers splendid panoramas and an upscale feel. Islanders rate it among Serifos’ best, with local produce (roasted meat, rabbit in lemon sauce, fennel pie) proudly showcased.

And if you enjoy Italian cuisine do not miss trying the best pizza in the island at "Porto Vecchio".


Syros would definitely be characterized as the noble island as evident from her impressive architecture, her cultural wealth and the perfect coexistence of two Christian denominations. Infused with a long maritime tradition, Hermoupolis is a magnificent specimen of aristocratism and neoclassicism crowned as the capital of Cyclades.

Cruise to Galissas a secluded and peaceful beach, located approximately 5 km from Ermoupolis. It is actually a small bay; the waters are safe, thus ideal for families with small kids.

Anchor at Lotus beach which is located on the Western part of Syros, next to Kini. A sheltered from the winds where you can enjoy the blue waters for endless swims.


The Castle of Ano Syros is a natural fortress built on the rocks, a continuation of the northwestern side of the city of Hermoupolis. Built from the Venetians on the hill of San George, Ano Syros is the upper neighborhood of Hermoupolis that maintains the medieval atmosphere of the area.


Visit the tranquil island of Skyros with its lush forestry and brilliantly blue waters. The island is surrounded by stunning beaches accommodating to all preferences - from gold sandy beaches to the more adventurous rocky beaches featuring magnificent rock formations and caves.

Don't miss visiting the Skyrian ponies which can be found running wild on the central plateau or placidly foraging in farms. This rare breed of Lilliputian horses are a staple attraction of the island.

The main town of the island with its traditional sugar-cubed houses stands proudly on top of a hill with a castle at its tallest point offering breathtaking views of the Aegean. Explore its cobbled streets and alleyways abundant with small shops selling local hand-carved furniture and colourful pottery.


Rugged and green natural landscapes and mesmerising beaches define the island of Alonissos. Surrounded by small islands scattered around the archipelagos, it is ideal for travelers seeking tranquility and privacy.

Explore the picturesque harbour and capital of the island, Patitiri, with its beautiful stone paved waterfront and relax with a glass of locally produced wine, or visit the Old Village with its medieval castle offering sweeping views to the sea and traditional stone houses with picture-perfect courtyards.


Alonissos hosts the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a refuge for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus monachus


Luscious green landscape and azure waters perfectly describe the island of Skopelos.

The island’s pine-filled coastline is surrounded by exotic golden beaches providing a perfect place to swim and enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

A must see is the picture-perfect chapel of Ai Giannis which provides spectacular views of the Aegean

Explore the villages of Skopelos Town and Glossa with their traditional Pelion stone houses and picturesque courtyards and walk through the narrow streets experiencing the island’s history.


Among the most popular islands of the Sporades, Skiathos has a vivid atmosphere with over 60 beaches with crystal clear waters and lush
pine forests. The southern side of the island is dotted with majestic beaches, like the famous Koukounaries, while the northern side hosts
the impressive beach of Lalaria which is accessible only by sea and provides a private haven to enjoy the sun and the sea.

The town of Skiathos, with its cosmopolitan flair, is filled with charming white houses with red tiled roofs and colourful gardens, while the beautiful harbour surrounded by four small islets is an unforgettable sight.

Don’t miss the small peninsula of Bourtzi, one of the most
romantic spots of the island, where the ruins of a Venetian fortress still stand engulfed by densely growing pine trees.

Stop for a swim in Skyros

One of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island. The panoramic view of the mountains and the open horizon offers an exciting scene.

Because of the surrounding hilly terrain and the geographical position of the area, the sea is very calm here, ideal for families and a fun filled day at the beach.

An amazing spot for a swim while cruising in Greece.

Skyropoula Private Island

Skyropoula is a beautiful Greek island in the Southern Sporades, just west of the island of Skyros. It measures about 4,200,000m2 and has a 2 kilometer diameter. The island has three hills, the highest one being 188 meters.

Skyropoula is surrounded by turquoise, Shelby blue, clear as crystal waters, a swimming, underwater exploration and boating paradise.


The island of Kea - Κέα or Tzia - Τζια, the most westerly of the larger Cyclades, lies some 12 nm south-east of Cape Sounion. The island's agriculture and the traditional harvesting of acorns for use in tanning have declined as a result of emigration.

After the archaeology, the sea calls. Bathing is a continuation of sightseeing at Karthea, and this is the only bay on the island where scuba is forbidden, lest divers carry off a triglyph or the head of Apollo. Snorkelling is permitted though, and in miraculously clear water there are plenty of fish to look at, among the building blocks of the old harbour.