Yacht Options - Greece September 2018

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Yacht Options

available on your dates

Displacement Yachts

We have included 4 displacement yacht
options that fit your requirements.

Displacement yachts feature low speed and
very stable cruising conditions. They offer
ample exterior and interior space and are
capable of night passages.

Semi-Displacement Yachts

Such yachts exhibit higher speeds and maneuverability.

They will be more compatible with a boat like M/Y Ouranos chartered by Mrs Magness.

In this category we have included M/Y Bliss, a sistership vessel to M/Y G3 and M/Y Mabrouk as sent previously.

Sailing Yacht

In this section we have included
only 1 candidate, S/Y Barracuda
because of the unique sailing
experience that she offers.

*Next Step

You will note that most of the options have asking prices within the range of 79 to 190k p/w. Upon confirming preferred choice we will proceed with very low offers and determine the best possible rate for your dates.

Selection of Potential Itineraries

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